DOS SUEÑOS (Music Video)

DOS SUEÑOS Dos Sueños is a Tucson-based violin and guitar duo established in 2012. Guitarist, Jonathan (Johny) Vargas and violinist, Kaitlyn (Katie) Miller enjoy performing a wide array of musical genres such as classical, latin, tango, as well as their own arrangements of acoustic covers of popular songs. In collaboration, DOS SUEÑOS and I createdContinue reading “DOS SUEÑOS (Music Video)”

Alan Watts- Unmasking the Ego (Video)

Namaste. This video explores the idea of an Ego and how one can “unmask the ego.”   The narration is by Alan Watts and the original footage is by yours truly. This narration from Alan Watts comes from multiple lectures of his and not just one. If you are interested in knowing which lectures, pleaseContinue reading “Alan Watts- Unmasking the Ego (Video)”

Rillito River // Monsoon

I filmed this short video directly after a powerful thunderstorm hit Tucson, AZ. For those who may not know, Tucson recieves annual monsoons from June to September (if were lucky!). Generally the “rivers” of Tucson are bone dry until the monsoon season arrives! Thus, I took the opportunity to film one of the larger “rivers”Continue reading “Rillito River // Monsoon”

Rock Climbing // Mt. Lemmon Tucson AZ 4K

  GB Drone // Rock Climbing // Mt. Lemmon I filmed this short video of my eldest brother, Eric, and his friends rock climbing in Mt. Lemmon (Tucson, AZ). The song I incorporate into this video is from my middle brother, Kevin. Kevin wrote this song in about 2-3 hours! Please direct message me ifContinue reading “Rock Climbing // Mt. Lemmon Tucson AZ 4K”