When the River Flows (Short Video)

The Rillito River Park Trail in Tucson, AZ is normally a 12-mile dry riverbed where many bicyclists, runners, and even horse bike riders converge to take advantage of the outdoors. In this video, I captured when the Rillito River is flowing with water due to the recent monsoons!  Enjoy.        

After the Monsoon // Tucson AZ 4K

This short film highlights the desert waterfalls in and around Tucson, Arizona during the summer monsoon season. The summer monsoon season occurs from July to early September and is of significant importance to the natural environment and the Tucson community. The locations I filmed at were; Romero Pools, Tanque Verde Falls, Ventana Canyon, and SabinoContinue reading “After the Monsoon // Tucson AZ 4K”

Alan Watts ~ Choice

I created this short video with all original footage using my drone. After filming for a view months I realized that drone footage can be incredibly therapeutic due to the unique aerial perspective and smooth movements that this tool offers. Thus, to enhance the calming footage, I combined a short audio from Alan Watts. OverContinue reading “Alan Watts ~ Choice”

Rillito River // Monsoon

I filmed this short video directly after a powerful thunderstorm hit Tucson, AZ. For those who may not know, Tucson recieves annual monsoons from June to September (if were lucky!). Generally the “rivers” of Tucson are bone dry until the monsoon season arrives! Thus, I took the opportunity to film one of the larger “rivers”Continue reading “Rillito River // Monsoon”

Rock Climbing // Mt. Lemmon Tucson AZ 4K

  GB Drone // Rock Climbing // Mt. Lemmon I filmed this short video of my eldest brother, Eric, and his friends rock climbing in Mt. Lemmon (Tucson, AZ). The song I incorporate into this video is from my middle brother, Kevin. Kevin wrote this song in about 2-3 hours! Please direct message me ifContinue reading “Rock Climbing // Mt. Lemmon Tucson AZ 4K”

Mt. Lemmon Tucson AZ 4K

Hi Friends! I filmed this short video at Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, AZ using my DJI Phantom 4. The song I incorporated in this short film comes from the Original Motion Picture, Her. William Bulter and Owen Pallett also known as Arcade Fire, compose it. I hope you enjoy! Cheers SPECIAL NOTE: To watch thisContinue reading “Mt. Lemmon Tucson AZ 4K”