Alan Watts- Unmasking the Ego (Video)

Namaste. This video explores the idea of an Ego and how one can “unmask the ego.”   The narration is by Alan Watts and the original footage is by yours truly. This narration from Alan Watts comes from multiple lectures of his and not just one. If you are interested in knowing which lectures, pleaseContinue reading “Alan Watts- Unmasking the Ego (Video)”

When the River Flows (Short Video)

The Rillito River Park Trail in Tucson, AZ is normally a 12-mile dry riverbed where many bicyclists, runners, and even horse bike riders converge to take advantage of the outdoors. In this video, I captured when the Rillito River is flowing with water due to the recent monsoons!  Enjoy.        

Apache Lake, Arizona (Photo Shoot)

Apache Lake is a gorgeous 17 miles stretch of water located in Arizona. This lake is approximately 68 miles northeast of Phoenix and sits between Canyon Lake and Roosevelt Lake. If you are ever in Arizona and have a long weekend to go either boating, fishing, and/or camping, I would highly recommend making a driveContinue reading “Apache Lake, Arizona (Photo Shoot)”