Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico Video

Hola mi amigos!

This video presents footage I attained on my recent trip to Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico!

Key note: This video is slightly different than my previous videos because I use a drone and a camera.

Rocky Point is located on the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, and is a frequent destination for American travelers living in the Southwest of the United States.

Certain key items to note if you do want to travel to Mexico by automobile, which I did with my good friends;

  1. Have your passport ready at the U.S. / Mexico check point
  2. Purchase Mexican car insurance (it is required)
  3. You can bring your drone without purchasing a permit if it weighs less than 2 kg (4.4 pounds). More information about drone laws click here.

The hotel that my friends and I stayed at is called the Grand Mayan Palace, which I highly recommend. In the video you will see what this hotel looks like.

~Musician~ Yannick Lebosse // Song: Malaguena Flamenco

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Next week I will be heading off to Chicago and Michigan so please stay tuned for those upcoming videos!

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy.




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