Seal the Deal

GB Drone // Big Sur ~ Seal The Deal

“Every moment is a golden one for him/her who has the vision to recognize it as such” – Henry Miller

This video presents Big Sur California, one cloudy morning, when my brother and I were returning back to our campsite from the Henry Miller Memorial Library, “Where Nothing Happens”.

After feeling inspired by Henry Miller’s festive establishment, my brother and I pulled off of Highway 1 and decided to capture the raw and rugged beauty of this prized landscape.

I flew the drone about 2 miles off the coast of Big Sur to what looked like 2 small rocks from a far. As I approached these rocks, I discovered a party of Seals!

The song incorporated into this film is by, Brazen Stir, and the song is called Eau. Please follow the link below to check out additional songs by this band!…

Please feel free to follow me on my instagram account: Gb_Drone . I frequently post footage on this social media platform!

SPECIAL NOTE: To watch this video in HD; Please scroll your mouse to the bottom righthand of the YouTube screen. Click the circle Icon and press Quality. I recommend using either 2160 (4K) or 1440 p HD.

I hope you enjoy.


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